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Daughter of Darkness (1993)

Daughter of Darkness (1993)
Release: 28 October 1993
Genre: Adult, Horror
  • Lily Chung Suk Wai
  • Anthony Wong Chau Sang
  • Money Lo Man Yee
  • William Ho Ka Kui
  • Hugo Ng Doi Yung
  • Lo Hung, Gam Biu
  • Lee Wan Fei
  • Tamami Asuka
  • Hui Si Man
  • Lee Sam
  • Leung Kai Chi
  • Wong Ching Yee
  • Wong Hung

Lily Chung portrays a misunderstood teenager sexually abused by her stepfather on a one-track road to murder and bloodshed. Captain Lui is excited that a multiple killing has occurred in his district. He surveys the incredibly gory crime scene and does his best to pack it with the cruelest, sickest gallows humour imaginable. Example : a girl’s body lies in the bath, strangled with a scarf (this is the one who blinks !). Lui takes the scarf and wipes his face with it. Lui questions the only survivor, Mak Wei Fong, with an equal lack of consideration. Her story of abuse by her demonic father and the brutal indifference of her family unfolds.

Daughter of Darkness (1993) Full Movie

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9 Maret 2013 14.40

Wah bening banget nih filmnya! Walau jadul, tapi masih oke.. :D

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