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Kawin Kontrak 3 (2013)

Kawin Kontrak 3 (2013)
Release: 5 September 2013
Genre: Adult, Drama, Comedy
  • Gary Iskak
  • Ferry Ardiansyah
  • Albert Halim
  • Abdurrahman Arif
  • Shinta Bachir
  • Nadia Vella
  • Adelia Rasya
  • Anne J. Cotto
  • Ferdy Taher

Petualangan Kang Sono berakhir setelah ia menjadi TKI di Hong Kong. Penerusnya adalah Gary. Selain sebagai artis, Gary juga menjadi makelar kawin kontrak. Ia yang mencarikan pasangan perempuan di desa Sukasararean.

Kali ini mereka yang mencoba mencari pasangan kontrak tersebut adalah Cheppy, sutradara gagal yang khusus membuat film porno. Itol, penyanyi boyband gagal dan Dani, seorang perjaka tua yang gagal meraih cinta. Petualangan ketiganya bersama Gary di kampung yang penuh gadis cantik mempertemukan mereka dengan Bunda Jahe (Janda Herang).

Janda Herang adalah penguasa kampung yang membisniskan kawin kontrak. Bunda Herang ditakuti oleh warga kampung, karena anaknya, Oyip, jago beladiri. Cheppy, Itol dan Dani bertemu pasangan mereka di desa Sukasararean. Ternyata tiga bulan membuat mampu mengubah perilaku mereka.

Itol menemukan gadis impiannya Itje. Dani malah berani menutup utang Dinda. Dinda juga mengingatkan Dani akan kekasihnya terdahulu. Wajah dan namanya persis. Dani mati-matian ingin mendapatkan cinta Dinda yang ketus. Sementara Cheppy dengan berbagai cara mencoba menundukkan Maya dan Maya dengan berbagai muslihat menipu Cheppy.


Santet Kuntilanak (2012)

Santet Kuntilanak (2012)
Release: 8 Maret 2012
Genre: Adult, Horror
Staring: Fero Walandouw, Nadya Almira, Rozie Mahally, Rina Diana, Uli Auliani

Ini adalah kisah dua perempuan kakak-beradik dengan sifat berbeda: Maya dan Lila. Lila wanita lemah lembut dan keyakinan agama yang kuat Sedangkan Maya, kakaknya, percaya akan hal-hal mistis dan memiliki ilmu-ilmu mistik seperti santet, teluh dan sebagainya.

Lila diperkosa empat pemuda hingga meninggal dunia. Maka Maya melakukan balas dendam terhadap empat pemuda itu satu-persatu dengan ilmu santetnya. Maka dimulailah ritual paling mengerikan: mengirimkan santet paling dasyat kepada Robert dan teman-temannya, yaitu "Santet Erotika". Satu-persatu pemuda-pemuda itu mati secara misterius terkena Santet Maya yang dibantu oleh arwah Lila.

Santet Kuntilanak (2012) Full Movie


Fearless (2006)

Fearless (2006)
Release: 26 January 2006
Genre: Action, Drama
  • Jet Li
  • Dong Yong
  • Nakamura Shidō II
  • Collin Chou
  • Betty Sun

The film starts with Huo Yuanjia fighting three Westerners: a British boxer, a Belgian lancer, and a Spanish fencer. Huo defeats all three of them and has a flashback before the next fight with a Japanese fighter called Anno Tanaka.

Huo Yuanjia watches his father Huo Endi teaching students martial arts and wants to participate, but his father is concerned about his asthma and refuses to allow him to practice martial arts. Huo Yuanjia then sees his father in a leitai match with another martial artist named Zhao, who won the match dishonourably by retaliating when Huo Endi showed mercy on the final blow. Huo Yuanjia felt humiliated by his father's defeat and vowed to regain his family's honour and pride. He practiced martial arts secretly behind his father's back. As the years passed, Huo Yuanjia defeated several opponents in leitai matches and became one of the most famous martial artists in Tianjin. However, as he became increasingly successful and popular, he also became more arrogant and ruthless towards his opponents. His late father, however, advocated the practice of showing mercy and not doing any serious physical harm to opponents.

When a rival martial arts master named Qin Lei injures one of his followers, Huo feels insulted and confronts Qin at the latter's birthday party. The confrontation escalates into a fight between Huo and Qin, in which Huo emerges as the victor by killing Qin with a fatal blow to the chest. However, Qin's godson seeks vengeance on Huo and kills Huo's mother and daughter in revenge. Guided by fury, Huo goes to Qin's house and Qin's godson admits to the murders before killing himself. Later, Huo learns that it was his follower who had provoked Qin earlier, which resulted in his beating from Qin.

Overwhelmed with grief and shame, Huo flees Tianjin and wanders aimlessly for many miles. A disheveled, graying wanderer, he nearly drowns in a river, but is saved by Granny Sun and her blind granddaughter Yueci. They bring him back to their village and Huo, guided by their simple acts of kindness, begins to learn the value of kindness and mercy.

In 1907, Huo returns to Tianjin and sees the changes that have taken place in his absence. He apologizes to the family of Qin and reconciles with his childhood best friend, the businessman Nong Jinsun, whom he offended earlier. He challenges the American wrestler, Hercules O'Brien, who has been making headlines by defeating Chinese martial artists and calling the Chinese "weak men of the East", and defeats O'Brien. He saves O'Brien from being impaled by some nails on the side of the ring which have become exposed during the fight and he wins the appreciation of O'Brien, who names Huo the victor. Huo's fame begins to spread with successive challenges with other foreign fighters. In 1909, with funding from Nong Jinsun, he founds Chin Woo Athletic Association in Shanghai.

The members of the foreign chamber of commerce fear that Huo's victories might fan anti-foreign sentiments among the Chinese people and thus become a disadvantage to them. They propose a match between Huo and four foreign champions. Huo takes up the challenge, even though it is an unfair one. Before the matches, Huo meets the Japanese champion Tanaka for tea and strikes up a friendship with him.

Back to 14 September 1910, Huo faces Tanaka in a titanic battle. In the first round, they fight with their weapons of choice. Huo uses a three-section staff while Tanaka uses a katana. The first round is a draw. Before the next round, Huo drinks from a teacup containing poison, which had replaced his original teacup. In the second round involving unarmed combat, Huo suddenly has difficulty in breathing and loses his strength. He collapses and starts coughing blood, dying from arsenic poisoning. Tanaka and Huo's supporters immediately demand that the match be halted and postponed, but Huo replies that he wants it to continue since he is going to die soon. Huo is dominated by Tanaka but he manages to deliver a blow to Tanaka's chest, similar to the one he used on Qin. Huo could have killed Tanaka with that blow but he refrained from doing so and collapsed. Tanaka declares Huo the victor moments before Huo's death. The final scene shows Huo's spirit practicing Wushu on the field as Yueci observes him with a tearful smile before he joined his wife and child in spirit.

Fearless (2006) Full Movie


The Lost Medallion (2013)

The Lost Medallion (2013)
Release: 1 Maret 2013
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
  • Billy Unger
  • Sammi Hanratty
  • James Hong
  • Jansen Panettiere
  • Alex Kendrick
  • Mark Dacascos

The movie begins as Daniel Anderson (Alex Kendrick) arrives at a foster home, bringing donations. He is asked to tell a story to the children. He accepts and the movie transitions into the Lost Medallion universe.

The story begins in a flashback in which a man holding an item wrapped in cloth is running away from another man. The man digs a hole by a tree and buries a medallion. The movie flashes back to the present where Billy (Billy Unger) sneaks into his father's archaeology site and tries to help work. He is told to leave, so he goes swimming with his best friend Allie (Sammi Hanratty). When he goes back home, she gives him an old book. Billy is not a reader, so they read it together. They hear how the medallion was buried in a different spot than where his dad is looking. They go into the forest with Billy's home-made metal detector go searching. Two men from a rival archeology company have been watching them and bring their own metal detectors. The kids stumble on the goons and head off in a different direction. They hide behind a large tree. The detector goes off and they dig up the medallion.

The goons discover them and chase them through the city. After a bit, the kids, thinking they have lost the men, head back to Billy's home, only to find that the goons have arrived before them and tied up Billy's dad. Billy yells "I wish this whole mess had never happened!" and the medallion sends both Billy and Allie back in time (200 years).

The pair are captured and taken to a nearby village, where the village king (Jansen Panettiere), Huko, notices the medallion and claims that it is his. However, the people say that the king of the village is whoever wears the medallion; they hold a party for the new royalty. The party is interrupted by the arrival of an enemy force, led by the ancestors of the two goons they had met in the present. Everyone in the village is captured except for Billy, Allie, Huko, and Anui.

Later the group is cornered by a river. Allie is captured, but Billy agrees to exchange her for the medallion. After the exchange, the kids jump over a waterfall to avoid capture. The kids quarrel among themselves but decide to try and seek help from an old wise man, Faleaka (James Hong), in the mountains.

The wise man tells them that they must complete tasks, and in return he will teach them how to defeat Cobra, the enemy that attacked the camp, and the evil warlord who keeps the natives in terror, and get the medallion back. The kids travel to the island of Cobra. On the beach of Cobra's island, Faleaka is shot by an arrow and killed.

The kids continue trying to get Cobra, but are captured; this time they are sent to a prison/work camp, and Billy is locked up in a cell. Billy escapes and meets the others in the camp. They use the tasks they learned from Faleaka to help everyone escape. Billy and Cobra have one last battle, and Cobra, along with the medallion, is pushed into a hellish pit.

The four friends get back together, and Billy and Allie accept that they are stuck in the past permanently, since the medallion is gone forever. However, Billy realizes that since they are in the past, he and Allie do not find the medallion for another 200 years. Thus, the medallion should still be buried. He goes to the place where he and Allie had discovered the medallion, and finds the medallion there, wrapped up. The jewel that belongs in the middle starts glowing, and is put in its rightful place in the medallion. Billy gives the medallion to Huko, who then activates the medallion to send Billy and Allie back to the present. Billy attacks the goons that had captured his father, only to have his father stop him, revealing that time has changed and the goons are no longer evil. The movie ends with Daniel expressing the story's message of God's love.

The Lost Medallion (2013) Full Movie


Sule Detektif Tokek (2013)

Sule Detektif Tokek (2013)
Release: 14 Maret 2013
Genre: Comedy, Drama
  • Sule
  • Poppy Sovia
  • Mpok Nori
  • Pierre Gruno
  • Juhana Sutisna
  • Uli Auliani

Film ini bercerita tentang seorang pengusaha dan juga kolektor yang diperankan oleh Pierre Grunno yang sangat menjaga dan "cinta" kepada hewan piaraan kesayangannya yang berupa tokek. Tokek itu bukan sembarang tokek karena harganya yang selangit.

Saking takutnya kalau-kalau tokek kesayangannya tersebut dicuri, sang pengusaha tersebut menyewa seorang detektif Sule yang ditugaskan untuk menjaga seekor tokek yang harganya mencapai miliaran rupiah tersebut.

Sule Detektif Tokek (2013) Full Movie


Taman Lawang (2013)

Taman Lawang (2013)
Release: 7 November 2013
Genre: Adult, Comedy, Horror
  • Olga Syahputra
  • Nikita Mirzani
  • Ferry Irawan
  • Angie
  • Bobby Tience
  • Tarra Budiman
  • Chand Kelvin
  • Jony Billy

"Taman Lawang" adalah kisah tentang seorang jurnalis muda yang handal bernama Angie (Angie Virgin) yang tertantang untuk menyelidiki kejadian misterius di Taman Lawang. Peristiwa tersebut berawal dari kematian seorang waria, bernama Ningrum. Ningrum (diperankan Bobby Tience) tewas tercebur kali saat mencoba melarikan diri saat sedang ada razia. Saat itu, ia melarikan diri bersama sahabatnya, Chyntia (diperankan Olga Syahputra). Setelah kematian Ningrum, Chyntia mulai mengalami kejadian kejadian aneh dan menjadi korban teror.

Chyntia merasa Ningrum marah karena ia tak sempat menolongnya saat tercebur ke kali dan pada akhirnya Chyntia tewas di tangan kekasihnya. Kabarnya sosok Ningrum dan Cyhntia sering gentayangan. Angie yang tertarik untuk menyelidiki kejadian misterius tersebut terus dihantui oleh hantu Ningrum dan Chyntia.

Taman Lawang (2013) Full Movie


Misteri Cipularang (2013)

Misteri Cipularang (2013)
Release: 28 Februari 2013
Genre: Adult, Horror
  • Amel Alvi
  • Beiby Margaretha
  • Fajar Rezky

Film ini bercerita tentang seorang bintang baru yang sedang naik daun dan dikenal sebagai playboy alias hobi gonta ganti pasangan. Bintang tersebut bernama Farrel yang didatangi mantan pacarnya, Putri. Putri meminta pertanggungjawaban Farrel karena dirinya kini sedang mengandung hasil hubungan dengan Farrel.

Akan tetapi Farrel tidak mau bertanggung jawab karena karirnya saat ini sedang naik. Putri pun kecewa dan semakin sedih lagi ketika kedua orang tuanya tidak ingin melihat Putri di rumah lagi. Semakin kecewa lagi dirinya memergoki Farrel dengan pacar barunya Angel. Farrel pun meminta bantuan kedua temannya untuk membujuk Putri agar menguguri kandungannya.

Kedua teman Farrel pun menurutinya dan membawa Putri ke Bandung, akan tetapi di tol Cipularang, Putri meminta turun disana. Setelah turun dari mobil Putri pun ketabrak mobil dan mengakibatkan dirinya tewas seketika. Arwah Putri pun gentayangan untuk membalasdendamkan kepada Farrel dan Angel serta mantan dan orang terdekat Farrel.

Misteri Cipularang (2013) Full Movie


Jokowi (2013)

Release: 20 Juni 2013
Genre: Biografi, Drama
  • Teuku Rifnu Wikana
  • Prisia Nasution
  • Ratna Riantiarno
  • Ayu Diah Pasha
  • Susilo Badar
  • Landung Simatupang

Ini adalah cerita seorang anak tukang kayu bernama Joko Widodo, yang tinggal dan hidup di rumah kecil pinggiran sungai. Masa kanak-kanak yang jauh dari istilah berkecukupan telah dilaluinya. Namun hal itu tidak menyurutkan semangat anak kampung pemburu telor bebek ini untuk meneruskan sekolahnya ke pendidikan yang lebih tinggi. Kecintaannya pada Musik Rock yang tetap bertahan hingga saat ia menjadi pemimpin besar nantinya itu, seolah mampu memotivasi semangat hidupnya.

Kisah cinta dengan Iriana, seorang gadis sederhana, teman sekolah adiknya menjadi pendorong semangat sang pemimpin masa depan ini untuk menghadapi berbagai tantangan. Sepeninggal Pak Notomiharjo, orang tua, guru sekaligus sahabatnya, Joko seperti tak mau tenggelam dalam kedukaan. Usahanya untuk membuktikan semua pelajaran dari sang ayah, makin keras ia lakukan. Dan waktu mengantarkan anak bantaran kali ini, menjadi sosok yang bukan hanya besar dimata orang-orang disekitarnya namun juga rendah hati dan selalu memanusiakan sesamanya. Dari pinggiran sungai di desa kecil bernama Srambatan, Joko telah mampu tampil menjadi pemimpin kota yang menulis lembar sejarah baru.

Jokowi (2013) Full Movie


Changing Partners (2007)

Changing Partners (2007)
Release: 15 August 2007
Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance
  • Lee Dong-geon
  • Han Chae-young
  • Park Yong-woo
  • Uhm Jung-hwa

Kesuksesan yang diraih suami-istri sering kali tidak berimbas pada kebahagiaan, itulah yang dialami oleh pasangan Park Young-joon dan So-yeo. Yang pria adalah eksekutif top sebuah perusahaan besar, sementara yang perempuan adalah konsultan bidang penerangan yang tahu persis bagaimana memadukan lampu-lampu berharga mahal menjadi harmonisasi tersendiri.

Dalam kehidupan pernikahan, hubungan keduanya terasa begitu dingin terutama karena sikap Young-joon yang acuh dan tidak segan meremehkan istrinya didepan umum. Kondisi itu berbeda dengan yang dialami oleh Min-jae dan Seo Yoo-na yang enerjik.

Meski sebagai pria ia harus bergantung dari penghasilan sang istri, namun secara keseluruhan kehidupan rumah tangga Min-jae termasuk bahagia. Cobaan baru dirasakannya setelah tidak sengaja bertemu So-yeo di Hong Kong saat keduanya melakukan perjalanan bisnis.

Berawal dari simpati terhadap sosok perempuan yang kesepian tersebut, Min-jae malah terlibat affair panas dengan So-yeo. Hal serupa juga nyaris terjadi di Korea antara Young-joon dan Yoo-na, namun yang terakhir langsung tersadar saat eksekutif muda itu melontarkan kalimat yang dianggap melecehkannya.

Dari situ, Young-joon seolah tersadar dan berawal dari nafsu, perasaan yang dimilikinya terhadap Yoo-na malah berubah jadi sayang dan ingin menjaga perempuan yang usianya lebih tua itu dari segala ancaman.

Tanpa sengaja, Young-joon mendengar pembicaraan Min-jae dengan seorang perempuan misterius lewat ponsel dan sadar kalau suami Yoo-na yang disayanginya terlibat perselingkuhan. Namun, apa jadinya bila ia tahu bahwa wanita idaman lain yang dimaksud justru adalah istrinya sendiri?

Changing Partners (2007) Full Movie

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